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Business Conference

Corporate Events

Planning an event? Creating a sense of community, ownership and belonging for your staff benefits everyone involved.

Do you need a space that will allow your team to stretch and breathe while also offering them the opportunity to connect creatively? Our open yet private space will allow just that.


Angelica DeSaussure-Cooper &

Candice Mitchell-Smith,

Event Space Coordinators

Please fill out our contact us form to schedule an appointment.

Tour of the event space are through appointment only.

Ready to strengthen your team? Whether you need outdoor space for a company tug of war or a stage for impromptu presentations, The Magnolia Hall has you covered.



Looking for a memorable way to reward your team? Our private event space is perfect for everything from small cocktail events all the way up to formal dinners.


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720 Magnolia Road

Charleston, SC 29407

(843) 455-0020


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